Management consultancy

Organizations are about people.

Our job is to understand the organization and make sure we propose candidates that match the organizations’ macro and micro climates.

We do have extensive experience in dealing with management related issues and this experience together with sourcing the best possible candidates for defined positions places us in a very good position to help companies realize their organizational objectives through their people.

Today, even small companies can have access to know how and markets that just 10 – 15 years ago had been possible only for the biggest.
It is the individual and team related Human Factor that makes all the difference (if you doubt it just take a look at the Google story!) This is a challenge that we need to embrace and live with responsibly.
Paradigm shifts in the world of labor, together with the information technology revolution (which progresses at an increasing speed) prompts the need for constant change and search for custom made rapidly implementable solutions for clients.

There are some global tendencies in the labor market that best management practices compel us to seriously consider:

  • Escalation of the „war for talent”
  • The top management, the board, has the deepest impact on the organization, as strategy, even if it’s local for a multinational, determines the fortune of the organization, within which talent can add the desired value
  • The importance of effectively locating/identifying specialists (line managers, project managers, engineers, HR leaders and so forth) increases at an accelerated speed
  • Increasing demand from the corporate side for specialized consultants
  • Project & candidate driven market
  • Global rise of the „career mercenary”
  • New – style relationships in employer-employee interdependence
  • Flattening organizational charts
  • Ever increasing need for rapid and flexible access to talent
  • The “wage slave” is vanishing and is increasingly aware of his/her value
  • Increasing job mobility
  • Emergence of cash rich & time poor candidates for jobs
  • Employees’ increasing awareness of their own value
  • The rise of a joint venture relationship concept between employer and employee
  • Rising awareness that recruiting excellence is the heart of business success
  • Increasing importance (at least at those in their early career stage) of brand awareness
  • Short – term aspirations of employees in the accelerated market environment which refers back to the project driven market
  • Executive Search, specialist recruitment /search and recruitment services – blurring borders, more commonly becomes the complex approach
  • Recruitment companies increasingly focus on Executive search aspects of the business – sometimes creating a separate brand within their organization
  • Our objective in our management consultancy is to help our partners with the following tasks:

    • Job evaluation (proven methodology)
    • Competency modeling
    • Streamlining organization structure
    • Succession planning
    • Remuneration policy

    Our clients include some of the most prestigious multinational companies as well as significant local entities
    Here are some of the reasons why they have chosen us (based on customer feedback):

    • Tailor made services, speed & flexibility yet no compromise where quality is concerned
    • „Sorry, this is our corporate policy” is not an acceptable response. Our clients get the best possible solution.
    • Competency based selection: proven methodology of job analysis, competency modeling and so called Behavior Event Interview techniques
    • Matching the competency of the candidate to the macro and micro environment within which they will be expected to perform.
    • Innovative solutions & highly effective approaches to finding and selecting potential candidates
    • Harnessing the possibilities provided by cutting edge technology
    • High quality, classified and updated database
    • Quality guarantee
    • Flexible pricing & payment terms