Executive search

Executive search methodology in a nutshell

We believe that although advertising and database search may be effective search tools, there is an increasing need from the corporate side to have the candidates short listed from the largest possible pool. The need for direct sourcing is crucial as it is likely that the best prospect is currently employed and not thinking about a change.
Here we can play a pivotal role as your partner: identify and persuade such individuals to consider a new perspective and ultimately accept a new role, possibly within your organization.
The following factors need to be considered when starting the search process:

  • Understanding the value & profile of the job (knowledge & experience required, complexity of the tasks and accountability factors associated)
  • Understanding the organization and its culture
  • Identifying and understanding the microclimate within which the candidate will be performing
  • Identifying the necessary competencies needed to perform

We are aware that competency based search and selection is the key to find the adequate candidate, while obviously the pertinent knowledge and experience can not and should not be ignored