Communications Services

Effective communication is of key importance in any corporate and public administration organization. Up to the second half of the 70’s the Public Relations activities were limited to internal and stakeholder aimed communications and while to this day PR equals some sort of interaction with the press, nowadays it is painfully clear that organizations limiting themselves to only this kind of communication clearly miss on significant opportunities.

Communications tools, techniques and methodologies underwent a significant evolution curve since, and today their wide variety is available to any type of organization for image influencing, crisis management, investor relations to only name a few, however it is surprising how strong the old habitual patterns still govern their implementation.

It is our view that communications specialists have not yet fully implemented the latest discoveries in the fields of psychology, behavior and brain research fields – fMRI, fresh recollection, moral behavior and consciousness, etc – even though specialist literature on these discoveries is widely available.

Pivot Capital provides bespoke solutions tailored to each organization and it is our primary aim to provide our clients with effective and high quality communications solutions leading to measurable results, based on these latest scientific discoveries and empiric research results, by combining effective traditional techniques with these modern discoveries.

We do this by developing a tailored communications strategy and methodology based on deep knowledge of our clients’ organization structure, goals and all particular conditions which impact and influence that organization’s future.

Methodological aspects of our services

  • Organizational communication
  • Leadership communication

Organization / Corporate services

  • Brand, branding
  • Corporate identity
  • Reputation building
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Crisis communication
  • Internal communication

PR communications, media relations

Public relations has a determining role in presenting and positioning an organizations towards the market, the general public, in an effective manner, and also in determining the company’s strategic positioning in the market and versus competition, therefore effective communication involves in a broader sense organizational messages effectively packaged to the relevant target audience.

Our Public Relations services

  • Selection of communications specialists, definition of profiles
  • Management of corporate communications related activities
  • Media Relations
  • Online image and presence definition, consulting, design and implementation.