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About us

PIVOT Capital Management LLC is a representative, coordinating as well as supervisory office for partners and associates in Hungary and across Central & Eastern Europe dealing with management consultancy and executive search related complex projects.

The network of more than a dozen legal entities with outstanding synergies has a unique and highly effective organizational structure.

Together with our additional partners in Scandinavia and Far – East, we believe that it is not a matter of whether but rather how and within what time frame we can help to find the best possible business solution and potential candidate for your vacancy.

We do have a vast range of sources (an extensive network of associates and partners) as well as the ability to perform direct searches for candidates that could add real value to your organization.

PHC acts as an information hub for your benefit, whether you are a corporation seeking to fill your vacancy or a candidate for an outstanding job.

Your key employees, partners, contributors determine the success or failure of your business; seek the best fit for your organization.

When it comes to selecting the best leaders & change agents there is no substitute for competency based selection.

Do not accept „assembly line” solutions; you and your company deserve individualized service!

Harnessing cutting edge technology and implementing a new approach and methodology make us confident that our clients are getting a significant value added service package.

We listen carefully to our partners & customers so that we constantly are in a position to improve our services

About Pivot Human Capital LLC

The idea behind our enterprise has been the fact that companies increasingly seek out innovative and flexible ways to find the highest quality employees along with cutting edge management solutions to cope with the rapidly changing business environment that affects us all nowadays.

As part of an extensive network, PHC functions as an information hub, a “market” for partners, partner companies and associates boosting their effectiveness in providing outstanding business results. Our mission is to provide the highest quality service with a high degree of flexibility for customers aiming to excel beyond expectations.

Our business model is based on the fact that at the core of a successful corporate brand there are individuals; background, dedication, customer focus, knowledge, empathy and flexibility of these individuals make the difference for a successful enterprise.

Obviously we do rely on our impressive database when it comes to searching for the most suitable candidate. We also know that nothing equals and replaces the importance, effectiveness and added value of direct search.

With an impressive formal and informal network at our disposal we believe that finding the right person for a certain job is best served when we combine all available sources to scoop from the biggest potential pool.

Beyond using all the available solutions for sourcing top talent we closely follow developments in the market as well as technical advancements in information technology to make sure we are on the cutting edge.

Foundation & Mission statement

The idea behind our enterprise had been our desire (based upon our clients suggestions and our market perception) to provide a unique and highly effective way to supply our customers with high-end professionals in critical positions.


We operate in partnership structure, aiming at effectively penetrating the whole market via formal and informal networks under a unique organizational structure. The goal is to get the right information at the right time concerning potential candidates with eventual willingness to consider alternatives as well as information from corporate side as to what their recruitment needs are concerned. Our effectiveness is boosted by our partners’ unique connections in the market as well as the information hub we operate.


In addition to one of the most qualified and detailed databases in the country, we heavily rely on our direct search capacity. We consider the best possible candidates who are dedicated employees of given companies at the time and eventually may consider a new challenge.

We also believe in the pivotal role of competency based selection of employees, with heavy emphasis on the fitness to the corporate micro environment (corporate culture and structure). We select candidates from a pool of potential sources: direct search, potential companies to attract candidates from, use of our specified network of professionals (while keeping the discretion at the highest level), as well as powerful IT technology, and obviously we rely on our impressive database.

We discuss each project in-depth with our clients to make sure we understand the job, the competency requirements and the corporate microclimate. Whenever deemed necessary we also perform BEI (Behavior Event Interview) techniques and different competency related tests. We also consider reference checking as an indispensable ultimate tool to make sure we propose the very best of the best for our clients.


We mainly deal with management & line management positions. Our clients include some of the most prestigious multinationals as well as local entities. Some of the most frequently dealt with fields:

  • Sales
  • Human resources
  • Engineering
  • PR & Communications
  • Supply Management : Direct & Indirect
  • Finance

Our Terms and Conditions

We aim at providing our customers with tailor made services and solutions.

We provide long-term guarantee, depending on the position (3 – 6 – 12 months).

Our fee structure:

Is tailored to the position, number of positions as well as our clients’ priorities.

We operate on both success fee and retainer base.

Average fee: 25% of annual gross salary

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    Our Advantages

    Customers above all

    We believe that when advising clients and helping them solve business related issues there is no such thing as “assembly line or pre-packed solutions”. There are best practices & world class know how tailored to our customers’ needs reflecting their unique characteristics.


    We offer complex guarantee solutions, follow up our customers’ processes and progress related to our input while providing backing whenever needed.


    We listen carefully to our customers and consult with them so that we can develop specific state of the art solutions.